Gingerbread Making!

This week the owlets are really enjoying using The Gingerbread Man as our text driver. The children have had lots of fun creating their own gingerbread designs using lots of arts and craft materials!... Read More

Three Little Pigs

Today the owlets have been using different materials to make the three little pigs houses. The children had to decide what material each pigs house was made from and put them in the right order. Fabul... Read More

Three Little Pigs

This week in owlets the children are starting to learn about the three little pigs as part of our traditional tales half term. To start off the week the children are experimenting with different shape... Read More

Magic maths

Today the owlets have been doing some lovely counting related to our topic book this half term. The children had to choose a number and select that many magic beans with the tweezers. It was super tri... Read More